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Canadian Rentals Inc. Single/Skid Mount Lavatory
A single self - contained washroom for use in all weather
conditions. All units are manufactured and inspcted to meet or
exceed “ETL” electrical certifi cations. It also contains a water fill
designed with an overflow indicatior pipe that allows the water fill
to be accurate and fast each and every fill. This unit also comes in
a dolly mount variation that contains a 7000lb axle under the skid.
These units include:
• A single self-contained washroom
• 100 gallons of fresh water
• 100 gallons for waste storage
• flush toilets
• running hot water
• interior lighting
• exterior lighting
• fork lifting pockets
• Heat traced sewage tank
• individual breaker panels
• fan heater
• 3” exterior camlock for
quick and easy pump outs


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